A competent renovation, a complex extraordinary maintenance, a total or partial refitting, can be able to determine a new value to the boat.

If St. Thomas Yachts proposes to his clients a refitting, this is what is talking about: Classica Boats proposes to the yacht owner to requalify the boat esthetically and in the functional- technological aspect too, to increase the beauty, comfort, technology and safety.

The refitting includes the hull painting, changing color if necessary, tapestry replacement, the inspection of all the boat technological and mechanic system. The refitting usually requires a huge investment, able to change completely the boat and its value.

One of the important Classica Boats qualities is the knowledge to when and how attend. Classica Boats is proud to have a great expertise and a partnership contacts in the three biggest Italian lakes with expert boat masters, who started working 50 years ago, certified to work with yachts, vintage boats and ancient boats.

Refitting Yachts